Absolutely fantastic performance by Chris and the guy who fixed the wheel. The wife kerbed her car getting out of the way of an ambulance and did the wheel and the skirt on the low profile tyre. Initial thoughts were several hundred quid to get a Renault wheel and a new tyre. A short call with Chris and a trip to the workshop and the good news imparted is a ninety quid repair on the diamond cut alloy (discounted price!) and although the tyre doesn't look as nice as it once did, it was still legal. Better still the job was turned around in less than 24 hours so the wife gets her car back and I don't put my back out and wreck my knees getting in and out of her two seater roadster. Thanks guys, top level service and not only that but nice to talk to and spend a bit of time with. A class act. – How would you describe our performance overall?

Nothing at all but a frappuccino would have rounded off a great experience very nicely!!! Good work lads. – Is there anything we could improve on?

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