Hi Chris. I'm a bit disappointed with my recent wheel refurb. Again the colour is wrong and the quality of the new coating is not that good. The Coating is bubbling/uneven in some places. I booked my wheel in during my Christmas holidays when the car was not being used, Having no spare wheel makes it quite difficult to find time when my car is not required. I work Monday to Friday and the car is also used for the school runs. My first Wheel refurb was also not straight forward. The wheel was the wrong colour and once rectified you found it acceptable to give me the wheel back even though a fly had been stuck in the new wet coating. I'm not being arsey just giving you honest feedback from a disappointed customer, disappointment from the quality of the workmanship not the customer service as that is spot on. Hope this does not offend. Thanks Brian Sanderson. – How would you describe our performance overall?

23 Sep 14 Add public reply