Not only did they drop my car and smash the sill cover they also scratched the paint work on the back passenger side door and also 9 extra miles on the clock – How would you describe our performance overall?

Yes do the job you promised repair to the sill not great but you didn't even bother to do the scratches on the door would not recommend this service to any one – Is there anything we could improve on?

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28 Feb 15 Add public reply

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    Dear Gavin,
    Thank you for the feedback. We are sorry not to have met your expectations this time. Unfortunately accidents do happen, though thankfully very infrequently and no one was hurt. We understood that you were happy with the repair when you picked the car up and were not made aware of any damage to the bodywork. Do feel free to pop in if you want to discuss this further.
    Kind regards
    Chris Wild

    Cee Wild –