Chris was fantastic, really fast and used proper punctuation in his replies to my emails - unlike some lazy buggers these days who can only be bothered to use text speak - that really gets on my tits! He gave me a price for doing 4 alfa GTA wheels straight away based on photo's I emailed and stuck to that price. I took the wheels in and Chris helped me pick a colour, he was direct, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in getting it right. I gave him 4 wheels with tyres on, he took off the wheels, stripped the old paint, repaired substantial curbing damage, powder coated and lacquered, refitted and balanced the tyres, delivered AND fitted the wheels to my car (which Chris offered to do out of the goodness of his heart) ...all in 1 day! ...FOR £5!! - not really £5 ;) but he probably didn't make much out of the deal. You won't find better service! The worst wheels before: ...and after: ...I've no idea if this is the same wheel or not because they all came back perfect - indistinguishable from each other and could easily be mistaken for new! Thanks again Chris, wish more people were as devoted to what they do as you sir! Cheers. Pete – How would you describe our performance overall?

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    Thanks Pete for the kind words and the great pictures. Glad to hear you're happy :)

    Cee Wild –